Save the planet guarantee

We say NO to plastics

So what? How do we limit our consumption of plastics at Watts in a box? From the manufacturing of the socks, all the way to the distribution of the socks, no plastics are being used. We are challenging processes in place and go out of our way to comply with this policy!

Manufacturing socks: Instead of the standard delivery process, we have set a new method that is creating subdivisions in the box using cartons. This is a simple modification of a process that avoids more than 20kg of plastics per year.

Packaging socks: We pack our socks with 100% recycled materials; no plastic packaging, we decided not to cut cost on packaging by providing cheaper plastic bags!

We trade fairly and equitably

Buying local is definitely becoming a new trend, much appreciated by all of us! Unfortunately, some products are more difficult to buy from your neighborhood right?

Still, we wanted to keep this in mind! We have made the decision to produce our products in the EU and not in developing countries, e.g. China. This is as close a possible to ensure the good level of quality with a good proximity. Moreover, we’ve partnered with a local Italian manufacturer, a family owned business, where every employee is well treated and respected. We can proudly say that we have built a good relationship of trust and cooperation with our manufacturer.

We provide social employment

As much as our size and budget allows it, we want to collaborate with our local communities, and especially those who are in the need for employment.

Nowadays, we empower our local community and people with disabilities to assemble our finished boxes. We bring a feeling of accomplishment and participation to extraordinary people. As soon as our size allows it, we have the ambition to actively hire people with disabilities and accompany them in their personal development and growth. In our company, there is room for everyone! 

We are carbon neutral 

Are you familiar with the concept of scope 1, 2 & 3? Those are the base for calculating the emissions of an activity! This is what it represents for us at Watts In a Box:

Scope 1 & 2: “covers direct & indirect emissions from owned or controlled sources” - This is the amount of emissions that are coming from warming and lightning of our warehouse and the fuel we burn with our cars.

Scope 3: "includes all other indirect emissions that occur in a company’s value chain" - All the emissions that are induced by our activities in the whole supply chain! From the sourcing of the raw materials, to manufacturing, to transportation towards the customers place & even the maintenance of our website. 

We close the loop

We work towards a recycling process to recover your worn-out socks and recycle the materials. We will collect the socks coming from our customers, and once we reach a sufficient volume, we'll take your socks in for a recycling process, in Belgium


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